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We At JCS Fineline Painting Co. understand that each project is different just like each customer’s needs are different but the procedure for a job well done remains the same. We start with pressure washing to remove all dirt, grease, and mildew so the new finish coat will adhere properly. Then all the loose paint is scraped and the primer is applied to all bare spots. Uneven surfaces caused by differences in paint thickness are sanded down before the first coat of paint is applied. Of course we fill all cracks on the sidings and we re-caulk all the gaps that have split or cracked to seal out moisture and drafts.

Our company is a fully insured, residential and commercial painting company, when you work with us you can count on: personal attention on each project by the owner, you will have the security of working with licensed and insured professionals, a quick response and timely completion, and work done right the first time.

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